Tuesday, 7 June 2011


WHY is the sky blue? 
         do we yawn?
         do you want to work for us?
         do we dream?
         am I always tired?
WHEN will I die?
          feel my baby move?
          interest rates rise?
          see you again?
HOW do I know if he likes me?
                i'm pregnant?
                i'm in love?
                he loves me?
                my cat is pregnant?

Is your question listed above? Has google answered your question? What is your question? Would you like to share your question/s in the next issue of Volta, in print and online? Are you going to submit your work to zm244@cam.ac.uk? Are you going to write poetry? Or prose? Prose poems? Or a monologue? A lyric essay? An unlyric essay? An interview? Are you going to do it before June 15th? Do you have any more questions?

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